Tips To Avoid The Common Essay Mistake?


Tips For Writing Essays Faster


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How to Stop Procrastinating on Writing Essays

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Tips To Avoid The Common Essay Mistake?

Academic essays are an unavoidable part of student education. Not everyone is a born writer, but with practice, you can...

Tips For Writing Essays Faster

If you are looking for ways to write your essay quickly, you may follow the following tips. Learn touch typing-...

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How to Stop Procrastinating on Writing Essays

Students tend to procrastinate on writing essays for college because of the overwhelm and anxiety it causes. But trying to solve a problem by running away from it is never a good solution. We have all been there. Avoiding something very important until the day before the deadline. Reaching that stage somehow gives us immense strength and resilience, which was not present before. Procrastinating inevitably results in less time for proper research and presenting a good paper. Most students try to pull all-nighters to make up for the lost time. Here are some tips and tricks to avoid procrastinating on an important essay:

Use Anxiety to your Advantage:

Anxiety is inevitable – the key is to use it to your advantage. Instead of running away from the emotion, embrace it. Accept that you are feeling anxiety over the essay. However, this is easier said than done. If your anxiety is crippling, you will be avoiding the task like the plague. If you are feeling overwhelming emotions of anxiety to the point where you can’t get anything done, bring it to a manageable level. One idea is to make use of the 5-seconds rule and 5-minute rule. Research says that it only takes 5 seconds or, in some cases, even less time for your brain to talk you out of something. Just count backward from 5 to 0 and propel yourself towards the task. Another idea to hack your anxious brain is to tell yourself that you will only work on the essay for 5 or 10 minutes. These 5 minutes of focused work are probably enough to get you hooked on the task at hand.

Start Writing:

Start Writing

This advice might seem intuitive, but many of us find it hard to practice. The only way to write a good essay is to actually write one. For the majority of students, research, brainstorming, outlining, etc., are ways to procrastinate on actually writing the paper. Form a basic outline of your essay based on your preliminary research. The key strategy to writing your essays fast is eliminating distractions, focusing, and putting words onto your page. Once you start writing, ideas arrange themselves, and you will find that a killer essay emerges. Write even though you think it is not perfect; editing can always be done at the end of the process.

Use Technology:

One strategy for writing college essays is to use technology to your advantage. Make an event of your essay writing. Change the environment – go to a fairly calm place, like a park or a library. You can also make use of website blockers to eliminate distractions while you are writing. These website blockers are password enabled and help you block distracting websites such as YouTube or Facebook on your computer. You can also make use of writing tools available in the market, which only unlock after you have written a set number of words.


8 Essential Steps That You Must Follow to Write the Best Essay

Essay writing is a way of expressing your thoughts and ideas on different topics. It helps you develop your creativity and critical thinking. Whether you are determined to write an essay or to become a professional essay writer, if you don’t know the basic structure of an essay, then writing becomes pointless.


You must understand the qualities of a good essay that can make your essay stand out in any top essay writing service. If you don’t, this article will provide you with essay writing help to know the elements of quality essay writing.


But before we explore these qualities, let’s get into the steps of writing a remarkable essay that most top essay writers follow.


Steps to writing an incredible essay

Achieving top essay writing is not as straightforward as many think- sitting at your computer and beginning to type. There is a lot of planning involved in writing an effective good essay, and there are specific steps that are essential for presenting a good case. Failure to follow them may make your work more challenging.


Suppose you have struggled with writing skills or want to finish an essay fast; these steps have got you covered for writing a phenomenal piece.


Choose the type of essay you want to write

The very first step that best essay writers use is identifying the type of essay they are writing. There are four types of essays: persuasive, narrative, descriptive and expository. Knowing the kind of essay to write helps you decide the best topic and structure your article will likely take.


For example, in a persuasive essay, you take a particular point of view and convince the reader toward that view with supporting evidence.


Brainstorm on the topic

Brainstorming your essay topic is the next step. As a writer, you cannot write an essay that you don’t have an idea about. You need to sit and think about your topic and get ideas around the topic to make your essay writing more accessible.


The best essay writing service proposes that you write everything that pops into your mind as you narrow down your topic. You can use mind maps to develop ideas, write your concept at the center of the paper and then make idea divisions surrounding the topic. From there, you can proceed to choose the best topic you find fit to answer the essay question presented.

Research the topic

Even though a website that writes essays for you typically has an idea of what to write, it is recommended that you also have some information about the topic in question. You need to conduct relevant research on your subject.


You can do the research online or read books, but make sure to research extensively to find adequate information to use for your essay’s summary. To be in the best online essay writing service, you must understand the importance of being patient while researching to ensure that the information gathered relates to the topic.


Remember to organize your research to make citing the sources in your final draft more accessible. If you want to offer excellent essay writing service, doing your homework and being source heavy are vital for written content marketing.


Choose a writing and referencing style

There are different language/ referencing styles in essay writing, but your supervisor or instructor typically states the writing style to use. The main styles you will commonly come across include; apa, harvard, mla, chicago, and oxford. Each style has its format and unique reference list citations.


Develop a concise thesis

The best cheap essay writing services require having your thesis (argument) as the main point of your essay. Your thesis essentially backs up your points to make the reader smoothly absorb your information. It must be strong to describe the content of your essay thoroughly.


Any best essay writing service recommends expressing your thesis in your introductory paragraph. But you should ensure it is neither too broad that you can’t relay information fully nor too shallow that it will limit your content.


Outline your essay

Writing the essay outline is the next step. An empty outline is among the fears in essay writing services. A well-organized outline helps your work appear logical.


To write an outline, begin with a thesis statement and then write a topic sentence for each paragraph. This makes you know what each section should contain.


Top essay writing requires that you fill each paragraph with supporting evidence from your research. Each paragraph should back up your thesis to make your essay understandable to your readers.


Write the essay

What remains now after writing the outline is doing the actual work, i.e., writing your essay. As you write your essay, ensure that you consider your technique and expand your outline to create a wholly cohesive and clear essay.


When writing, remember to use transitions in connecting sentences. Transitions make your essay look beautiful and improve your work’s quality.


After writing, you will want to edit and reread your article to make sure the reader walks away knowing what your article was about. Revising is essential in checking the flow of your essay’s content. Rereading your work may be tedious, but its results are promising


Check for spelling and grammar

The final step in essay writing is to look for spelling and grammar mistakes. You can use a spell checker for that. You must also remember to use quotation marks correctly. Another area to watch out for is maintaining accuracy and clarity when citing sources.


Paramount qualities/measures of a good essay


Knowing what to pay attention to when striving to become one of the best essay writers is essential. Your essay’s good qualities make it stand out on an essay writing website.


Now that you know the proper steps to create a good essay, you need to know the right qualities for a killer essay. Most essay writing sites measure the qualities of their essays based on the following standards;




An excellent essay has a central idea that flows from the start to the end. To capture your readers’ attention, focus on the main idea and don’t bombard different angles in your essay. Define your topic and stick to it. If you choose your topic in essay writing, go for what you know or are interested in.


Primarily, legit essay writing services prioritizes a clear and concise essay that is understandable by its readers. Clarity and focus are essential in maintaining your ranking on a site that writes essays.




Another essential quality that a good essay should have is logical development and smooth flow. Even with the best ideas and a relevant topic, it remains useless if your essay does not have flow. Every paragraph should support the main idea in an essay. Professional essay writers build on this quality to shine.


To add to your essay writing flow, you can use examples, details, or other illustrative devices to explain your thoughts. Better essay description equals better story development.




Unity is essential to achieving top essay writing. Paragraphs should have a connection rooted in the main point of your essay. The thesis statement determines this connection. An essay reader should be able to identify your work in a single reading.


Never include contradicting ideas or thoughts that are off-topic in your essay. Accessible communication is the main point here.




What separates professional essay writers on a website that writes essays is the element of consistency in their work. Coherence is one of the best qualities of an outstanding essay. As a writer, you should strive to make your essay sensible to readers. It should have a well-put introduction followed by excellent pacing.


The body of your essay should support your central thesis and provide reasonable facts to support your argument, and your conclusion should wrap up your essay in finality.


You should remember not to introduce new ideas in your final thoughts but emphasize the main agenda of the essay.


Accuracy and correctness


You will find that the best essay writers submit error-free pieces and portray exceptional vocabulary standards on the best websites to buy essays.


Correct language and sentence structure are prominent in essay writing. Not forgetting accurate and complete citations of sources adds points to your essay. Also, in terms of language, you must always avoid using unnecessary words or expressions.


Final thoughts


Writing a good essay is a fulfilling job for a writer and being on the essay writing website is a privilege you should not take for granted. But writing a good piece requires effort, following the proper steps, and ensuring that you meet an excellent essay’s primary qualifications or measures. The truth is that no reader wants a bland or unappealing essay. It is only demotivating to read.


If any of these issues challenges you, the above guide should help you out and lead you to eventually improve the qualities of your works and create unforgettable masterpieces.

Writing Tips

How to Write High-Quality Essays

Writing high-quality essays can be difficult; it involves brainstorming, research, outlining, and editing. The process can be frustrating and time-consuming. To write quality essays, make sure your points are clear and precise. One mistake students can make while writing essays is making them vague and unclear. If you don’t understand any part of the assignment, be sure to clear it with authority. Once you have clearly understood the assignment to be done, here are the steps to take to write high-quality essays:

Research the Topic:

Research the Topic:

The first step toward writing any high-quality essay is to start researching for essay writing sites. But be aware that researching can be one of those steps in which students procrastinate the most. We have all been there; you claim to not know enough as an excuse not to write anything at all. Set a time limit for research to overcome procrastination during the research phase of essay writing. You don’t have to start writing only after getting your hands on all the available research material. More often than not, you might have to research more as you go. The point of initial research is to have enough material to get you started with writing. When you start writing, you will find the pieces falling together on their own.

Create an Outline:

Creating an outline is the best way to organize your essay and clarify your points. Based on the research papers you have found so far, create an essay outline with all the topics you want to cover. Through this process, you can note down sub-points you surely want to discuss in each topic and determine what topics need more research. This is where you can also add the relevant quotes under each topic. By creating an outline, you can start writing more efficiently and craft better arguments. Remember, no one starts writing with a perfectly good idea of what they want to convey. An outline gives you enough structure to get you started in writing.

Block Distractions and Write:

Research the Topic:

When you have an idea of what topics you are gonna cover, and you have done your research, start writing. This is the most difficult part of essays. You can procrastinate or get distracted. If you have gotten over the initial procrastination to start writing, find a distraction-free environment. One method is to create an event out of the essay writing. Decide to change your environment from the usual space to a library or a coffee shop. Make sure you block all digital distractions and put your phone in airplane mode. You might also benefit from using website blockers to minimize distractions on your computer. You might also want to blast some music that will get you into the zone of writing.

Edit your Material:

After you have completed writing, it is time for editing. You might be tempted to edit at the same time as writing. Depending on how clear your writing is, you might have to edit it a few times. It is better to prefer quality over quantity. If you have written more than the required pages, make sure to edit it for a better-quality paper.