Frank Underwood

Jonathan Yeo has painted the "fictional" portrait of Kevin Spacey's Frank Underwood character for the Smithsonian, and it's the kind of work that you cannot ignore.

I really like the harshness of it--this is visual depiction of a (fictional) man given to rough stuff. All of his rough edges are left in place. He sits in the washed out backdrop of power and he is having none of it. The desk, the chair, the things around him--they're props to be discarded once his agenda is complete. It's a defiant pose, and Yeo captures the character just before decisive movement. Spacey, as Underwood, is ready to get up and do something to someone. He looks as if he's ready to throw one of those elbows your way. Yeo's portrait is something that normally would have been outsourced to a production assistant and created with an old version of photoshop from a hastily posed snapshot on a printer. Someone has a good eye for art.