Did Brian Ross Get His Ass Kicked by Michelle Bachmann's Goons?

If your campaign goons are beating up reporters, your campaign is either doing really well or really poorly. I think, in the case of Bachmann, her campaign is doing really well. Instead of answering the question, roughing up middle-aged reporters is where they're aligning themselves. This will cut down on the negative coverage and send many news agencies scrambling to find their own goons.

Once we've fully gone goon with Presidential election coverage, then we'll know who's doing what in terms of actually appealing to the public or running away from scrutiny. Until then, expect more violence and more ducking of pertinent questions.

And, you'll note--it only matters as an issue if you're a Democrat. The question of Bachmann's medical condition doesn't matter to anyone who is a Republican. What does Steve Benen spend all day doing? He points out instances (for example) where a Republican says that migraine headaches don't matter if the person suffering from them is a Republican and then when that same person claims that when a Democrat suffers from migraine headaches, it's the end of the country as we know it. And more power to him. What's really important is that the staffers working for a presidential campaign are so out of control, they'll beat up on Brian Ross and manhandle him like a ragdoll. That, in and of itself, is a tragic statement about our political discourse.
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