Alex Rodriguez is Proof You Don't Need to Have a Bromance in Your Life

Well, we might have to rethink that:
According to the Associated Press, MLB plans to look into allegations that Alex Rodriguez participated in an illegal, high-stakes poker game that included such celebrities as Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire.
If you recall, Rodriguez was previously “warned” by the Yankees for playing in some underground poker games in Manhattan back in 2005, but these new revelations came to light from a report in Star Magazine yesterday.
Rodriguez refused to comment on the matter before last night’s game against the Mets while his spokesman Richard Rubenstein said A-Rod “has not participated in these poker games.” The 35-year-old third baseman is not mentioned in any court filings in relation to the games in question.
Okay, so he hung around with some dudes and played cards. It's not like that could get him in any trouble, right?

Rodriguez has to deal with this issue quickly, openly, and honestly because he has two major liabilities here. First, baseball has always been an organization that acts decisively when it comes to allegations of gambling. Any kind of gambling. Second, he has no credibility now because of his admission that he used performance enhancing drugs.

I find it hard to believe that he has screwed up his life just by hanging around with Tobey Maguire. Now, Leonardo DiCaprio? You can screw up your life real good hanging around with him. But you really can't screw up your life hanging around with Tobey Maguire unless Tobey makes you drive the getaway car after robbing a biker meth lab in Barstow.