Well Worth the Price

This is a fantastic idea.

The idea is, take a stack of books, and then integrate them into a custom-made bookshelf that gives each book a precise place in the stack. You can find this listing at Etsy, which is a marketplace for hand made items--what a great idea.

I think this would benefit from a base of some kind around the bottom, maybe a little trim here and there, but it is well worth the asking price. A basic kit sold to people who want to organize and customize their own book case might be worth considering as well. Taking the basics of the design and letting people run wild with it for a reduced price might create another market. Advertising a book case that can hold twelve Penguin paperbacks, three textbooks, and a dozen hardcover books is what I'm thinking of.

Customized furniture and items built to specification requires dedication and planning. I wonder if I have the right stack of books for something like this. The way things are going, dead tree books are going to be rare commodities, saved only for show.
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