Is the Irish Republican Army Back in Business?

Offshoots are one thing, but how do you explain this?
Irish Republican Army dissidents detonated their first car bomb in nearly a decade Monday night, damaging a courthouse but injuring nobody in an attack designed to rattle Northern Ireland’s peace process.

A local hospital and several businesses received warning calls from IRA dissidents after an explosives-packed vehicle was rammed into the gates of the empty courthouse in Newry, a Northern Ireland border town midway between Belfast and Dublin, at about 10 p.m. (2200 GMT).

Police said they still were evacuating nearby streets when the bomb exploded a half-hour later. The local police commander, Chief Inspector Sam Cordner, said it was “a sheer miracle” that nobody in the surrounding area was seriously wounded or killed.
That would seem to be the polite way of announcing that these dissident elements aren’t interested in peace.