David Letterman is an Out of Control Sex Pig

Instead of Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, it's just Dave and the Hired Help

Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh, but every time I turn around, the David Letterman Scandal gets a little worse:

It may have been jealous rage that was behind the alleged $2 million extortion plot longtime CBS News producer Joe Halderman is charged with trying to carry out.

He's accused of seeking to shake down the late night star for $2 million, threatening to make public information about Letterman having sex with women who worked for his show. Halderman has pleaded not guilty to attempted grand larceny counts and is free on 200,000 dollars bond, awaiting a scheduled Nov. 10 court appearance.

Letterman revealed on the air last week that he had indeed had sexual relationships with staffers.

Thursday's New York Post quotes sources as saying Halderman caught his then live-in girlfriend, Stephanie Birkitt, making out with Letterman as recently as August.

The Post says it happened while Letterman and Birkitt were in Letterman's car parked in the driveway of Halderman's home in Connecticut. And, says the Post, Halderman and Birkitt broke up a short time after that supposed incident.

I thought he was married. Apparently, he's in an open relationship with his wife and with the hired help. Of course, you can't believe anything in the New York Post, but I don't think you can summarily dismiss the idea that Halderman did what he did just because he wanted money. A certain rage takes over when you catch a powerful television personality making out with your live-in girlfriend in a parked car.  

Nevertheless, good for you, Mr. Letterman. Can't wait for the next Monica Lewinsky joke.